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Additional services

Additional services

Our clients receive many additional services along with routine cleaning. Getting everything from a single source is so convenient!


Supply of hygiene products for sanitary facilities and kitchenettes

We offer tissues, toilet paper, soap, dishwashing products, air fresheners, dispensers and holders, etc. We will adapt to your needs and offer a wide range of products, from budget to high-end. Our managers will show you product samples and discuss the available options with you before offering the most suitable ones for your individual requirements.


Rent and replacement of dirty-trapper doormats

Dirt-Trapper doormat will help to keep your premises clean. We will help you select the size and colour of the mat as well as the time interval of replacing it. Safer and cleaner environment guaranteed!


Sorting and collection of waste

Upon your request, we will provide containers for household refuse and recyclable waste. Contribute to the protection of the nature and sort your waste! It will also help to cut costs, because you will pay less for collection of the household refuse. We can also provide sorting bins for paper or plastic in your office.


Destruction of confidential documents

Do you need your documents destroyed? We will come to your office and collect your documents to be destroyed observing confidentiality.


Cleaning after accidents for regular clients

If there is an accident in your premises, we will come to your location to offer our help. We clean premises after fires, water leaks and other emergency situations.


Deratization and disinsection

We will provide protection against rodents, insects and other pests so that they do not damage your health and property.

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