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Exterior property and car park and maintenance

Exterior property and car park and maintenance

One must admit that a tidy yard, well-groomed flower beds or cleared snow is eye-pleasing. Therefore, we clean and maintain exterior properties according to the season. The services are available under one-off orders and on a regular basis. We maintain lawns and pavement tiles, remove weeds from flower beds, mow the lawns, rake up and take away the leaves, clear the snow (spread salt or granules) and perform other work according to our client’s orders. We collect trash from parking lots and wash the paving. We provide the following exterior property and car park maintenance services to companies and private persons:

  • Sweeping and trash collection
  • Upkeep of flower beds
  • Mowing
  • Watering
  • Sweeping without raising any dust with Dulevo 850 mini
  • Manual and mechanical clearing of snow
  • Snow removal
  • Machine washing of parking lot paving
  • Raking of leaves


This suction road sweeper can sweep multi-storey parking lots without dust, because it has a water system and the sprayers of the disc brushes moisten small particles. High pressure equipment, which is built-in in the machine is the ideal solution for all areas that are difficult to reach (such as: around columns, stations, corners) and the vacuum cleaner picks up not only sand, but also bigger rubbish. The machine will enter areas where the  height is limited (2 m) and will work continuously because it is fuelled with diesel.

Dulevo 850 mini is intended to clean various  surfaces – we can sweep not only multi-storey parking lots, but also the surrounding territory. Price – from 0,18 EUR/m2. Contact us – 8 60026044.

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